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Rosemount Transmitter 2051

Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 2051 Basic Introduction:

Rosemount pressure transmitter 2051 have the industry standard for gauge and differential pressure measurement. They have gained popularity due to the following beneficial features they offer:

0.05% Span Accurate Performance in Harsh Application Environments

Delivered as a complete assembly with diaphragm seals, manifolds or primary flow elements for easy installation

Equipped with Local Operator Interface (LOI) with built-in configuration buttons and easy-to-use menus for easy commissioning

Ideal for high flow, level and pressure measurement applications.

Rosemount Transmitter 2051

Why Choose The Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 2051?

Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 2051 have been popular throughout the process industry for many years. The following features contribute to their ease of acceptance.


1. There are two process connections on the bottom of the coplanar pressure transmitter. Mainly used for differential pressure measurement.

2. The Rosemount 2051 Coplanar Transmitter integrates seamlessly with WirelessHART®, 4-20 mA HART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols. .

3. The patented coplanar technology can easily measure absolute pressure, differential pressure or gauge pressure type applications.

4. Coplanar pressure transmitter on a single process flange. This makes it lighter in weight compared to other mounting methods.

5. These coplanar pressure transmitters are equipped with advanced diagnostics for excellent diagnostic coverage and allow the user to detect abnormal process conditions and electrical loop problems before they worsen.


Applications of Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 2051:

Due to its unique advantageous features, 2051 transmitters are widely used in the following industries.

1.Food and Beverages


3.Petrochemicals and Chemicals

4.Scientific research

5.Oil and gas

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