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Rosemount Transmitter 3051

The Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051 can be used to measure differential, absolute or gauge pressure. These pressure transmitters help improve production and operational efficiency in a variety of process industries. The Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051 features power advisory diagnostics and a local operator interface (LOI) for easy installation and helps reduce commissioning time. They can withstand a wide range of harsh environments in process operations and allow you to reduce product variation and complexity by utilizing one device across multiple pressure, level and flow applications.


Features of Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051

1. Process Alerts: Advanced diagnostics create process alerts that allow process owners to make necessary adjustments at the right time. Power Advisory Diagnostics will help monitor and detect issues related to power, grounding, wiring, and more. Likewise, temperature alarms can be set to know if the process temperature is peaking or dropping. This provides enough insight into maintenance and safety measures to take.

2. Local Operator Interface (LOI): This is designed according to the principles of human-centred design. The interface has built-in configuration buttons for quick commissioning.

3. Wireless technology: This technology facilitates the easy addition of new pressure measurement points in many areas within the factory that were previously inaccessible. The information provided by the transmitter helps optimize process efficiency and reduce human intervention in hazardous areas.

4. Hygienic Products: The Rosemount 3051 Transmitter meets the requirements of hygienic applications. They are built to industry standards and regulations. These transmitters are available in stainless steel and aluminum housings. The transmitters are rated up to IP689K, and they can easily withstand disinfection-in-place and cleaning-in-place processes.

Rosemount Transmitter 3051}

How to Configure the Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051

1. Commission the transmitter on the bench using the AMS Device Manager or HART® Communicator.

2. Set Process Application Loop to Manual. The HART® Communicator or AMS Device Manager will prompt for this action.

3. Use the AMS device or HART® communicator to view the default configuration data.

4. Before performing any online operations on the transmitter, check the parameters of the digital outputs. This will help you ensure that the transmitter is functioning properly and configured to the correct process variable.

5. Set the process variable units, output (transfer function), and range values.


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Use suggestions:

1. It is recommended to install the transmitter in an environment that is least affected by ambient temperature. The operating range of the electronics in the transmitter is –40 to 185 °F (–40 to 85 °C).

2. Make sure that the transmitter is not affected by mechanical shock, vibration, and is not in contact with corrosive agents.

3. All rosemount pressure transmitter 3051 products have calibration and reset options. These reset options reset the measurement range to suit application requirements. The sensors of these transmitters work by converting pressure readings into analog electrical signals.

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